Bach Flowers

All about Bach remedies ~

There are 38 remedies in the Bach remedy system. All of them were discovered in the 1920’s and 1930’s by Dr. Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist. Each remedy is associated with a basic human emotion. Mimulus, for example, is the remedy for when we are anxious or afraid about something specific. Taking the remedy helps us overcome our fear and face it with courage.
Dr Bach designed his system to be simple. It may seem daunting at first, but anybody can learn how to use it. Most remedies are sold in liquid form, and the idea is that you will mix together the remedies you need so that the mix of remedies matches your current emotional situation. Like Dr. Bach, we believe that healing on an emotional level has knock-on effects on other levels: a healthy emotional life and a balanced personality will allow your body to find its own natural state of health.

Why choose a registered Bach Practitioner ~

BFRPs are people from all walks of life who share a dedication to Dr Bach’s ideals of simplicity and self-help. Dr Bach believed in treating people as individuals. The most effective mix is always one chosen for you personally. Your practitioner will help you decide on the best mix for how you feel right now. BFRPs aim to teach you the remedies as you go, so that you will be able to help yourself and your family in future – but always be able to call on your practitioner for help and assistance when you need it.

BFRPs Practitioners on the Bach Centre’s Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners have followed an approved programme of education and assessment to ensure they are competent to use the remedies in professional practice. BFRPs work under the Bach Foundation Code of Practice, which sets out the standards expected of professional practitioners and provides a safe framework for practitioners and clients.