Honeysuckle is given to help those who live in the past, either reliving past happiness or wallowing in regrets and sad recollections. Honeysuckle helps to enjoy the present more, and renews faith that there is always something in life worth looking forward to.

Signs of a Honeysuckle state in a horse include a lack of interest in what is going on today, and a liking for places or activities that he associates with the past or with previous owners or pair-bonds. Grieving horses who have lost beloved companions might need this remedy if the grieving process gos on longer than normal.

Things to look for:

  • Dreaminess and inattention (see also Clematis)
  • Horses who pull towards former homes or routes associated with former owners
  • Failure to thrive in new situations
  • Homesickness and pining

Honeysuckle“Those who live much in the past, perhaps a time of great happiness, or memories of a lost friend, or ambitions which have not come true. They do not expect further happiness such as they have had.” Dr. Edward Bach ~