Great to have you around and thank you for your visit! I am Annemarie Loose, founder of Falada and I’m born and based in Heemskerk, the Netherlands. From my heart I strive for a life in harmony and balance with body, mind and soul. Not only for myself, but for every living being on this earth. That’s why my work is on an energetic and holistic level and why I love to work with animals as well as people.

For all Animals, and especially horses, I have extra attention in which I strive for a dignified life and rights and equal treatment by giving them a voice to speak. A voice that will help us learn to understand and respect nature and animals, as they also respect us. Exactly the way nature intended to be from the beginning. This also explains my support and attention to foundations as well.

Falada was officially founded on August 4, 2014 and is also a tribute to my horse ‘Pride’, who’s voice lives on in Falada. Falada has been present within me since my childhood in sleeping mode, waiting for the right time to awaken and arise through me. It is my purpose to bring Falada to the outer world and let it represent something much bigger then ourselves. This for me is the most fullfilling life gift for my time being on earth. At the dawn of the New Age the world is ready and the time is Now.

Meaning of Falada ~

Falada means ‘spoken’ in Portuguese, and Falada was a beautiful horse in a fantasy tale that could speak the human language. Therefore Falada is an ode to all life on earth, to all nature, all horses and all animals on our planet. Falada is the voice that speaks for all. For all to be heard and to be treated as equal. It is the voice that helps us to awaken, helps us to become self-conscious, to heal, to remember what we are and that we are all part of a bigger whole. That Everything is energy and balance is key. That love is our consciousness and Falada symbolizes all.


“The most precious gift is when you look at your horse with an open mind and listen with your heart. Then you will experience the true beauty of connection and become one with your horse.”

With love, Annemarie ~ Falada